Jiu Yu Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. was established in 1991 by Mr. Henry Lu, the Founder and President of our company. We have been specializing in the manufacturing of fishing reels and rods and exporting to over 40 different countries. Our company has annual turnover of about US$ 30 million a year, and our business has grown steadily.

Our company presently owns two manufacturing facilities in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China for the fishing reel and rod manufacturing, and there are approximately 2,400 co-workers working diligently to reach the needs of our customers.

With 20 years of design and production experience, we can swiftly understand the needs of our customers. We also offer the development of various types of products for meeting your different markets. For this reason, we persist in development of six to eight new fishing products annually. What else can we offer you?

  • Technical assistance and professional consultant services from our R&D technicians.
  • ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001–certified.
  • 19 production lines generate 300,000 pieces monthly
  • Over 180 sets of advanced production machinery
  • 54,754 square meters of factory space

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Founder Henry Lu, has established the fishing reel factory in 1981 located in Taichung, Taiwan, named JiuYang Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. The main service produced the OEM products primarily, technology cooperation with Japanese RYOBI and French MITCHELL. The representative work of Mitchell#300 we made with mechanical gear design, it still was the extremely precise fishing reel until now. To formulate the perfect production process and standardized examination flow period with their cooperation. Experienced for 5 years, started producing the ODM products.

In 1991, the founder understood clearly the low end but with good quality fishing products would be the global future tendency.
He started to ...

In information technology century, our 20 R&D engineers filly utilize advanced 2D & 3D software to create various new fishing product designs and provide artwork design service. Most of our customers appreciate R&D technicians' efforts and services to their products carried out.

We extremely take development engineers' specialist training, and participate in global fishing tackle show ...

With Jiu Yu's 20 years experience in fishing product design and production, numerous OEM and ODM projects on rod, reel and accessory projects of AbuGaria, Berkley, Mitchell, Fenwick, Penn, etc. that have been completed smoothly due to our professional and quality ODM/OEM service. Most of customers, therefore, earn the competitive advantages with the effective reduction of the TSC (Total System Cost) and time-to-market.

Jiu Yu can offer you good service:

  • Professional and Excellent Products
  • Relative Consultant Service to Fishing Products
    • Provides specialized analysis of current trend fishing tackle products for your market.
    • The proposition of diversified technology information enables you to have ...